Fotografo matrimonio Toscana


Here we hare with the Montecarlo’s countryside in the background,offering her "dreamy hidden" gems like the beautiful "Quercione".

I’m so proud and happy to be able to follow you in these amazing moments.

Alice was with us in one of the most beautiful days of our life (our wedding) so of course we picked her to photograph us while waiting Leo.

Always with the joy and discretion, she catched our love and pure happiness with simple and spontaneous pictures.

We’ve never been photogenics, we are actually pretty goofy in front of the lens, but with Alice everything feels so natural and simple!

There are no poses, no facade!

Our tale couldn’t be complete without Chewbecca, Leonardo’s furry sister. She is a vital member of our family and she’s been so good participating!

The result of this evening together are the photos that will be forever an amazing memory. The joy of this moment, the love that keep our family together.

Thanks to Alice we will be able to show Leo one day how was carrying him in the whom…and how happy his mom and dad were!

“Happiness can’t be reached, possessed, gained or consumed. It’s spiritual”