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Gaia Skin Frame tattoo

Skin Frame Tatto


A day dedicated to herself, to find herself, to tell about herself, to have memories.

“ for now, you just have to know that a tattoo is the only way that we have to defend ourselves from who wants to destroy us, it’s a secret place where we can hide what is sacred to us. We don’t wear a mark to praise in front of others, but because it’s the only immaculate world that we still have” (Nicolai Lilin)

I know Gaia for many years, first of all for her professional skills, and with time it started mutual respect. I decided to spend the day with her and her cats and to tell you about her through images that show her simple life. This is what it came out:

That’s it! An intimate portrait!

A moment to indulge and find yourself

I’m like a personal trainer but working with images. Personal Visual Storytelling, a sincere tell, your story to keep forever.