Welcome to Lucca

couple photo shoot
in Lucca

Chicago to Lucca

Jennifer and Bill are a couple from Chicago (USA) and they contacted me with a desire to have their portraits taken. They wanted to have a memory during their summer vacation in the historic city of Lucca, Tuscany.
We agreed on a date for one morning in June and I asked them if they had the opportunity to have their portraits taken at sunrise. I recommended early morning as being a historic city, there is a lot of rush of tourists especially in the summer time and photographing them while the city was sleeping was really a beautiful experience.
Here is what came of it.

Portraits in Lucca's amphitheater

Oval square on Roman amphitheater, surrounded by medieval houses that now house cafes
and souvenir stores.

Palazzo Pfanner

couple photo on the walls of Lucca

The Renaissance city wall of Lucca

photo at the cathedral of San Martino,

The beautiful cathedral of San Martino. Cathedral of Lucca, a place of worship from the 11th century.
Inside are The Holy Face, Tintoretto’s Last Supper, and Ilaria del Carretto, a masterpiece of 15th-century sculpture by Jacopo della Quercia.
Carved into the stone is the enigmatic labyrinth reminiscent of the myth of Teseo and Arianna.

Breakfast with Cappuccino and Brioche

after taking the last shots, hunger started to set in,

so we treated ourselves to a very good Italian breakfast in St. Michael's Square.
The church of San Michele in Foro is from the 1100s with its sculpted facade with several orders of loggias.
It is also famous for Filippino Lippi’s altarpiece.