My Philosophy

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I tell stories with a different point of view.

Suitable for an unconventional audience.


I'm Alice and I'll try to tell you about me.

I'm a sunny person, dreamer,
REBEL and also a little crazy!!!
I have always loved to draw and create, my little dream in the drawer was to draw cartoons for Walt Disney. Their colors, atmospheres have accompanied me in my growth, as well as music and cinema.
I love animals and traveling.
Then … Who knows by chance or certain choices, I started to photograph. Don’t get me wrong, this “chance” (which perhaps is not) makes me VERY happy!
Among the many passions, of this ART, I have made it a job even if I do not think so, because I LOVE what I do!!!

We live many lives in one.

One life can contain several.

It's another life, different,

But it's just as much yours as the one before.

The term “photography” comes from the ancient Greek φῶς, φωτός, phōs, photos (“light”) and γραφία, graphia (“writing”) or “writing of/with light”.
Like drawing also
photography “draws.”
It is the interaction between

"Sometimes life is really funny and unpredictable."

But perhaps that is the beauty of LIFE.

Every day is different and you don’t know my what to expect.”

Behind the camera I laugh, I cry and I get emotional.
My empathy and what I feel about telling a story,
I try to transfer it into my photos.
lesbian brides
premaman Alice Franchi photography
It’s not enough to just “click,” capturing the moments, the smallest nuances of YOUR BEING, of who you are in an AUTHENTIC way and leaving a timeless memory, fills me with strong emotions. 

" Everyone deserves the most beautiful

and incredible memories.

"Of one thing I am sure,

Make every moment UNFORGETTABLE!"

I'm here to

make your memory UNIQUE. "

“If you’re looking for the usual photographer, I’m not the one for you.”

Now is your time.
Tell me about you, about you, and how I can be of help. I’ll get back to you in just a few minutes.

They say about me

hugs in the red buggiano
Cinzia + Elisa (mother and daughter)
Dear Alice I started this year looking at and appreciating the beautiful pictures you took of my daughter and me. The result that came out has gone beyond the best expectations … you managed to capture that wonderful bond … made of tenderness … of joy … of understanding … of pure love that binds us … Thank you for this … you are not just a photographer … you are one who reads inside people … and immortalize the invisible … you are an artist! I hope in the future to meet you again!
When a great talent meets a delicate sensibility: this is Alice. The shots taken with my mom have exceeded all expectations. “On tiptoe”, like a “fairy”, she was able to capture and return through the lens the emotions and the taste of the bond with my mother. Scrolling through the sequence of shots is like reading a poem, made of complicity, tenderness, unconditional love. Alice managed to “stop” a memory in its best nuance. Making a photo shoot with her: The best gift ever.
Alice Franchi photographer Tuscany
Stefano + Federica
Extraordinary experience! Alice’s work struck us immediately for personality and originality, we were looking for a non-trivial approach so we had no doubts! She was professional and always available, even in a delicate historical moment of continuous postponements for ceremonies. If you look at the photos you want to have the feeling of really reliving the moments of that day, if you are looking for naturalness, spontaneity and intimacy Alice is the right person for you. Rock in every sense!
Alice Franchi photographer
Luca + Elena
Alice was able to translate the essence of our wedding into photography: the colors, the emotion, the details. She was able both to enhance the place we chose and to fully understand our taste. We are totally satisfied and we highly recommend her because she exceeded our expectations by putting in her artistic eye, kindness and presence in all the most significant moments for us. Thank you!!!
Almost forgot …
I have two Cats
Alice and Cooper
Alice Cooper my cats
alice Franchi Cristian Bussu