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Family photo shoot, mother and daughter

Why shoot in the medieval village of Buggiano Castello?

Because I wanted to look for an environment where Cynthia and Elisa, could find harmony and fellowship.

That's how the idea of a citrus walk was born.
of this splendid Borgo of Roman origin,
bold with its typical Buggiano Red color.

When great talent meets delicate sensitivity-that’s Alice.
The shots taken together with my mom exceeded all expectations.
“On tiptoe,” like a ” little fairy,”she was able to capture and return through the lens the emotions and flavor of bonding with mom.
Scrolling through the sequence of shots is like reading a poem , made of complicity, tenderness, unconditional love.
Alice was able to “stop” a memory in its best shade.
Carry out a photo shoot with her :
Best gift ever.

Joy is very contagious. Try, therefore, to always be overflowing with joy wherever you go.
(Madre Teresa)

Dear Alice, I started this 2021 by looking at and appreciating the beautiful photos you took of me and my daughter.
The result that came out was beyond the most beautiful expectationsyou managed to capture that wonderful bond ..made of tenderness ..of cheerfulness ..of understanding .of pure love that binds us ……Thank you for that …you are not just a photographer ..syou are one who reads inside people …and you immortalize The invisible …you are an ‘artist !!!
…And I hope in the future to meet you again !!!