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Alice Franchi photography

I work mainly in Tuscany and Northern Italy, but I am available to move all over Italy and the world.

If you are far away, don't worry, we can schedule an appointment via Skype.

I remind you to book well in advance..

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    Bucket List

    We live and work for traveling, especially traveling with our motorcycles. This gives us great experiences.Every time we visit and work in a new place, we come home with a baggage full of excitement and memories.
    We have a list of places where we would like to work and travel. If you are planning your wedding or getaway abroad or if you want to get married in your own country and you like our photos, please let us know.
    We will offer you a discount package.
    Are you planning to get married in a location like these?

    Write to us and receive a 15% discount on your customized package.

    • Scotland • Iceland • Northern Cape • Austria • Transylvania • New Zealand • Canada • Curaçao • Panamà • Morocco