Marriage and portrait photography

based in Tuscany

I’m Alice Franchi Italian photographer, specializing in weddings and portraits. I tell stories through my photography, a mix of contaminations, making it original, simple and even a bit ironic.
My goal? To make your memory unforgettable out of fashions and clichés.
Thank you for visiting and enjoy your viewing.
I do not like to call myself a wedding photographer as I do not like "labels."

For those who want to get emotional,

for those who want to be unconventional.

I create AUTHENTIC stories via

Candid photography,

Secretary photograhy

Emotional Storytelling

I tell feelings and emotions,

all surrounded by your HISTORY, your essence,

to create UNIQUE and TIMELESS images.
Hello, I'm Alice
I live in Tuscany, I am very attached to my land. The sun the sea, the mountains and the colors always give me a lot of energy and many cues to create new images. I work not only in Florence, Lucca, Siena, but I’m also busy between Northern and Southern Italy as well as abroad.
Where and distance are not important if you need me, I will be wherever you are.
What interests me are the people and their interactions. Being the photographer during the wedding, is an opportunity to be able to create MEMORY, to capture moments that will never be repeated. I prefer images that tell a story about you; a hug, a smile, a gesture from your loved ones.
I’m grateful and honored to have the privilege of being able to reenact these moments.
ALICE was trying to stop the time forever; but the question that “Alice” was asking was: “How much time is FOREVER? “ and the White rabbit said: “Sometimes, Just a second.”
Alice-Franchi-photography-chi sono
Celebrating our memories by photographing them is the best way to create our visual legacy so that we can pass it on to our loved ones and remember in the years to come.
This is what photography can do, and I am here to help you create one more piece of your visual memory.







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